For example, AIREX: 
Thinking ahead, in parallel and down the line

This slogan is emblematic for AIREX and SMB-DAVID as well: "Trust is where everything starts." Dieter Bach, the head of production, is certain that there is no need for concepts spanning several pages or declarations of intent.
Low-peak hierarchies, continuous communication and transparent process are sufficient.
"With SMB, we have found the partner we need; one who thinks ahead long before the project starts, who thinks in parallel with us during all the phases of implementation and who finally thinks further down the line than simply as far as taking a system into operation," comments Bach. To put it in other words: SMB and AIREX develop sequence schedules with precise granularity in daily steps for the upcoming weeks and months. Dr. Michael Loferer, CEO of SMB-DAVID: "We call it intelligent project management when we can ensure that the conversion or installation of a machine or system will take place during the ongoing production process."

In short: securing 
long-term success

The requirement specifications were clearly formulated: The new system for processing insulating materials at AIREX AG was to be able to process large panels and, moreover, the components had to be sufficient for four-shift working. At the start, one thing appeared clear: a new system would be required!
In the course of regular discussions between AIREX and SMB extending over several years, however, a lower-cost alternative to a new system was found: Conversion and gradual expansion of the existing system.
"That was the key to success. Everyone knew what we had to reach a decision on, and who needed to do what and when. In addition to finding the optimum solution for our problem, we were also able to increase working safety as a welcome bonus.
Once again, it has been shown that SMB-DAVID is an engineering partner who thinks about the big picture," says Reto Nußbaumer, plant manager at AIREX.

There is no end to the beginning

"Confidence in your partner's expertise is the basic requirement for working together," observes Felix Mangelberger, head of the AIREX project at SMB. "AIREX places its trust in our experts and we use this trust to find the optimum solution." Success of current projects is the basis for continued work. Because unfortunately it's never possible to say that: the job has been done. The challenges in insulation materials technology particularly concern the permanent development of new materials and composites.
When one project finishes, another one starts – the same thing goes for AIREX and SMB. The professionals from Geretsried, a small town in Upper Bavaria, are going to be regularly analyzing and optimizing the systems of their Swiss customer, and developing alternative solutions in a forward-looking approach. Mangelberger: "It's the same as ever – things are changing all the time. We rise to this challenge."